15 May 2018

ASM Prize winners

At the Annual Spring meeting in Dunkeld on April 26/27th 2018 we were blessed with many things going to plan – the organisation, the weather and, in particular, the quality of the prize submissions. Our trainee reps did a fantastic job of triaging the submissions and selecting the most appropriate 32 for presentation. They also ‘sub selected’ out the top three for oral presentation on the Thursday afternoon. This proved to be a job that the judging panel of our three esteemed colleagues found incredibly hard to rank – to the extent that they had to call in a fourth expert for a casting vote!

The winner of the Campbell Quaich for the best overall project and oral submission went to Gavin Crawford

Second place to West of Scotland Trainee research and audit group (represented by Gemma Scotland)

Third place to Ally Taylor


The posters were judged by a cohort of the council of the SSA and in third place was Jennifer Coe with her project on PONV in Papua New Guinea, Second place to Deidre Conway with her work on summagadex versus contraception and the winner of the Imray Salver went to Gemma Scotland for her QI project on theatre based lung protective ventilation